“And the beast that I saw was like a leopard; its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority.”

Book of Revelation 13:2

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De la Bête is a Czech historical larp inspired by French novels, legends and the great themes of the late Ancien Régime period. It will take place in the Czech Republic, at Valeč Castle, in September 2017. The game adheres to the stream of content larp.

In one run of De la Bête, we can offer you 97 different roles with varying themes and game experiences - from action to mystery to relationship drama. Since this is a very big larp with a wide scope, we think the different roles can accommodate a wide variety of player preferences and needs.

We think the game is suitable for anyone over 18 and we generally do not limit our players and their choice of roles by age, gender, ethnicity or any other off-game attributes.

“Nothing is more imminent than the impossible . . . what we must always foresee is the unforeseen.”

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Our goal is to create a vast historical fresco of stories, with each player taking the role of the main protagonist in their own novel, exploring one key theme at the center of their character. Each character has one key theme, or question if you will, set in the center of their character, and their story will revolve around exploring that theme and answering that question.

To that end, we want to combine somewhat larger-than-life dramatic, existential themes with realistic stories of ordinary people acted out through low-key interactions and civil roleplaying. We would like everyone’s motivation in the game to be to create great stories together and to explore new themes and experiences; De la Bête cannot be won and does not support a gamist playstyle.

De la Bête is set in the 18th century in the French province of Gévaudan in the village of Morsange. Its stories are loosely set around the central theme of the Beast - a terrible creature that haunts the land. Not all the characters in our game will be part of the hunt for the Beast - but all of them will have a beast of their own to challenge, in one way or another.

The size and scope of the game allows us to explore many different stories and themes - like love, politics, religion, nobility, honour, crime, and the occult, to name just a few. Some characters are based more on relationship lines, some on intrigue or a significant element of action. Some story lines contain strong traces of horror; some resemble a spy thriller.

Larp style

We are aware that there can be many differences between larp cultures and traditions in Europe. In the following tabs we will try to describe the playing style of our game to bring everyone on the same page; however, we are possibly not aware of all the problems which can arise. Please, if you have any questions or objections, don’t hesitate to ask us either on our email: delabete@rolling.cz or our FB page.

The game takes place sometime in the second half of the 18th century, at the height of the French Ancien Regime. King Louis sits, respected and renowned, on the throne of France. Volunteer armies have just started returning from the successful intervention in America, where the French have helped the Americans win their freedom from the abhorred Brits. Over a generation ago, Louis unified France as a decidedly Catholic state. Sciences, both social and natural, are on the rise in cities; for the first time, it is becoming acceptable to criticise the aristocracy and the Church (but not the King).

But in the mountains of the Gévaudan province, these changes are coming at a slower pace. The locals can still remember the Camisard wars, in which the local Huguenots succeeded, as the only ones in all of France, to force the King to grant them religious freedoms. They now form a small, but all the more vigorous, Protestant community in Gévaudan.

Life here would have kept on going at a sluggish pace, if not for the arrival of the Beast. What started as seemingly common attacks by a rabid wolf turned out to be much more menacing. When the local nobles failed in slaying the monster, Gévaudan grew fearful - and famous. News of the Beast soon travelled across the world and drew in hunters, both renowned and unknown, who wanted to show their prowess. And when newspapers and tabloids around the world begun sneering at the country that, despite all its power, seems incapable of dealing with one oversized animal, it is said that even the King himself was angered and sent his personal hunter to Morsange.

Morsange will therefore connect the least probable of people together: Arrogant hunters and sly merchants; soldiers scarred by the American war and galley slaves forced to labour in the excavations at Morsange.

Each group and each individual will have their own story. They are connected by a chaos brought about by the arrival of the Beast and the theme of the Beast itself; although it will not always take the form of a monster from the woods, which devours man and animal both.
Would you like to know more about the heroes of our game? Take a peek at their brief public descriptions


There will be one run on 20-24 September 2017.

The game will be played fully in English.


The game takes place at Valeč Castle and its grounds in Western Bohemia, a bit over an hour by car from Prague. The site should be reasonably accessible by car from many places in Germany, Austria and Poland. For the international runs there will be a bus from Prague and back.


The basic price for the game will be 180 euros. A small portion of the price of the basic ticket will also be used to fund the discounted tickets for people who could not afford to go to the game otherwise.
If you want to support the organizers, there will be options for donation packages. If you choose to make this contribution, it will help us with our activities and to provide more subsidized tickets, we will be grateful and you will get some special items, but it will have no effect on your game as such. You can see the list of sponsorship packages in the tabs below.


There will also be an option to apply for subsidized tickets for anyone who could not afford to go to the game otherwise - students, unemployed people, people from countries with overall lower wages, etc. The price should be 50 % of the basic price or less and we will publish more information about the application process later on.
Regardless of how much you pay, you will have the same game experience, casting options and so on. The price does differ from the Czech price, since it needs to cover the additional costs of translation and language-related personnel issues. There will be no additional costs (apart from your travel of course) on top of it, except for the fact that we will be able to lend you some sleeping gear for a small fee.


Apart from the actual game content and materials, we will also provide you with a full costume, all props and weapons and so on, as well as food for the whole game. We will only ask you to bring a non-disturbing set of shoes, sleeping equipment and food utensils.


Sponsorship packages


We love making larps and we try to make them accessible for everyone. Our larps are built on many hours of work by the creative team, as well as volunteers on site; the signup fees are set to cover the costs of the larp as such. However, as an organization, we also have other, long-term costs: for creating other games, maintaining a costume warehouse, spreading awareness about larping and supporting other projects.
If you decide to buy a sponsorship package, you will support our efforts and allow us to make more games happen. However, it will not give you any perks for your game experience or casting, only a few tokens to remember us by.


Hunter - 330-430

  • A cup with an emblem of the Beast

Landowner - 440-680

  • A leather belt and pouch for the wisest of merchants

Baron - 690 or more

  • The jewel of de Morsange/ de Portefaix
  • Your name will be listed on our website in a list of sponsors


De la Bête has already been run five times for Czech players. You can therefore look at photos and videos from the previous runs and read some materials about the game design and player experiences.



Mion Films: De la Bête - Portraits from the 4th run


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Kamil Buchtík: The Cure for the Stuffed Beast, at Nordiclarp.org

Jordan: De la Bete – Late 1800s France Comes to Life, at Larping.org



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