“When he is recognized as a talent, the creator's great suffering begins.”

Albert Camus

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The game is organized by


Production team leader: Adam Pešta
Creative team leader: David František Wagner
Creative team: Kamil Buchtík, Lucie Chlumská, Ondřej Hartvich, Eva Wagner, Mikuláš Pešta, Petr Turoň
Promo team: Alice Bazalová
Costumes: Eva Wagner
Translation into English: Iva Vávrová
Proofreading: Crian Shields
Workshop design: Martin Buchtík, Julie Melicharová, Radek Morávek, Ondřej Novák, Petr Novotný, Lada Švadlenková
Production team: Jan Korecký


Adam Pešta – production director
He has been the production director in a vast number of larps, battles, films, plays, events and teambuildings in both the commercial and private spheres. You probably won't even see him at the event, because he will be standing somewhere in the corner calling someone -  and he has been doing that for over ten years.
He loves Rosenthal and Rolling because he founded both organizations.

David František Wagner - creative team director
After finishing his teaching degree in history and philosophy he is continuing his studies at a PhD programme at the Faculty of Education at Charles University. He has been involved in larp since 2002, both as a player and an organizer. He has organized very diverse kinds of games, such as Porta Rossa (2011), I Speak Only da TRUTH, Borograv, Konec dějin (The End of Times), and Legion: Siberian Story. His job is to direct the whole project and ensure communication between the teams.

Creative team

They are responsible for creating the game's plots, roles and background.

Kamil Buchtík
He was introduced to larp over ten years ago. In the last few years he has been mostly oriented towards chamber larps. He is the author of the games Odznak (The Shield) with Martin Buchtík, Škola (School) with Břéťa Šopík, Telenovela (The Telenovela) with Radek Morávek and Mlha (The Mist) with a wider team of authors. He is one of the organizers of a Prague initiative HRAJ LARP. As a player, he likes larps with interesting stories and enough space to develop them.

Ondřej Hartvich
He's been attending larps since 2009. As organizer and author, he worked on Obora 2P915, Bezčasí (The Timelessness), and Legion: Siberian Story. He thinks that larps should give people not only amazing experiences and memories of interesting personal dramas, but also stories to remember.

Lucie Chlumská
She graduated from psychology and she has been working as a human resources specialist for a few years. She has only been into larping since 2010, but that just makes her even more enthusiastic. She is the author, for example, of chamber larps Sanatorium, L-World and Příběhy hříchu (Stories of Sin) and a weekend game called Přechod (The Passage). She also worked on Legion: Siberian Story. She is a member of Rolling. At larps she loves stories, both big and small, which broaden her horizons.

Eva Wagner
She has been playing larps for about seven years and organizing for a little bit less. She has worked on many larps, including Obora 2P915, Legion: Siberian Story and Mirrors of England. At De la Bete she is part of the creative team and the main costume director. Otherwise she also likes drawing, acrobatics, and morbid fairy tales.

Mikuláš Pešta
He studies history at the Institute of World History at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, writing a dissertation on the Italian and German radical left wing after the Second World War. In his free time, he is mostly occupied with various activities in the Rosenthal association. He has organized several Czech larps, including Porta Rossa MDVII, Borograv, Rosenburg and Ardávské údolí 1462 (Ardavia Valley 1462). He's been larping since 2002.

Petr Turoň
Larping is his main hobby and he has been larping since he was fifteen. He has been organizing for almost as long. He is the author of the fantasy outdoor larp series Jediná cesta (The Only Way) and several urban larps, such as Shadowrun Live and NikdyKde (NeverWhere). After a writing break of a few years, he directed his work towards post-apocalyptic settings: the series Svět po Pádu (World after the Fall) and a relationship-oriented game, Osada 12 (Settlement 12). In the last two years, he has mostly been organizing post-apo larps and festivals (Metroplex, Junktown).

Promo team

Alice Bazalová
She studied at Charles University and now she works in advertising. She's been larping for over ten years both as player and organizer. She's organized many games, such as the PASS series, and Osada 12 (Settlement 12). She mostly enjoys outdoor larps of various kinds, from classic fantasy games to Airsoft events. She likes larp because it gives her the opportunity to try out different situations and new challenges. At De la Bête, she is part of the creative team and communicates with the players.

Crian Shields
A new arrival to the Czech Republic, he has previously studied history (in Australia) and Policy Studies (in Edinburgh). Recently introduced to larps, he finds them to be an engrossing combination of tabletop RPGs (which he has played for years) and reenactment. He worked as main proofreader on the 2015 Hell on Wheels international run and for Legion: Siberian Story. At De la Bête, he proofreads all the texts.

Iva Vávrová
She's studying English interpreting and general linguistics at Charles University and works as a translator and proofreader. She has several larp projects under her belt - most notably as translation manager for Hell on Wheels and main translator for Legion: Siberian Story. She has been larping in the Czech Republic since 2008 and is very keen to introduce Czech larp to the world. For De la Bête, she has decided to take on the whole width of the project as the main translator and she hopes she can survive that.

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