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What will De la Bête give you?

  • The feeling of being the main character in your own novel: every character is the hero of their own plotline.
  • A diverse location with many different options: lovely castle park, glamorous church, scary haunted chateau, dark forest, rowdy inn.
  • A variety of stories in one larp: spy drama, religious contemplation, ethical dilemmas, heartbreaking romance, coming-of-age epic, gritty mystery.
  • A strong script with twists and content prepared just for you: NPC encounters, letters and announcements, sudden revelations.

What will De la Bête not give you?

  • A hotel. Or even a hostel: the comfort is quite low-key for everyone. Everybody sleeps on the floor in sleeping bags. Buildings without running water. Port-a-potties. Filling, but non-glamorous food. We use buildings a lot, but it has a lot of traits of an outdoor larp.
  • Total freedom: De la Bête is very strongly not a sandbox game – we do not encourage players to go randomly exploring in the hopes of finding something to play with (you might, but it will belong to someone else’s plot), or to abandon their own content and try plot-shopping around (you will make people tied to your content sad). The scripting of our game also means that sometimes you will simply need to be somewhere at a given time or do a certain thing – and in that case you will in fact need to be there and do the thing.
  • Relationships to anybody: The scripted content also includes relationships. Every character will have a wide net of relationships and they may of course also form a few new ones through interaction in the game. However, these newly formed relationships should never be for off-game reasons (I like how this person looks) and they should never overshadow the scripted ones. We also do not encourage creating any off-script romantic plots, especially in case the character already has their own romance.
  • Transparency: The game works with non-transparent designs, secrets and surprises. You will not be able to predict everything that happens to your character and you will have secrets your co-players do not know. We think this can add another layer to your roleplay and if you want to come to our game, we would encourage you to come open to surprises.
  • Off-game interactions during the game: Once the game starts, we want most of your interactions to be in character. You can go talk off-character to our consultants or negotiate with your co-player in the negotiation tent, but otherwise we want you to spend most of your time in-game.

What should I keep in mind while signing up?

  • We will do our best to give you what you ask for and we cannot give you what you do not ask for. Make sure you think about what your preferences are when filling the sign-up form!
  • We do not cast based on any off-game traits. If you want us to take your age or appearance or something else into consideration, you need to tell us.
  • Catholic characters will have mass in a real Catholic church. If that is a problem, let us know.
  • In general, we do not cast based on skill and you don’t have to “sell” how good you are. If you sign up for our game, we automatically believe you’re the best and if you do not get a certain character, it’s because the overall casting did not work out that way, not because we didn’t want to give it to you.

Should I volunteer?

Are you self-reliant, willing take on some responsibility, and not afraid of a bit of creative chaos? Do you want to see the Beast from the inside (maybe quite literally)? Do you want to come to Morsange for free, or maybe even earn some money? Then we need YOU! Register in Sign Up – Being a Volunteer.