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“Nothing is more imminent than the impossible . . . what we must always foresee is the unforeseen.”

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


Our goal is to create a vast historical fresco of stories, with each player taking the role of the main protagonist in their own novel, exploring one key theme at the center of their character. Each character has one key theme, or question if you will, set in the center of their character, and their story will revolve around exploring that theme and answering that question.

To that end, we want to combine somewhat larger-than-life dramatic, existential themes with realistic stories of ordinary people acted out through low-key interactions and civil roleplaying. We would like everyone’s motivation in the game to be to create great stories together and to explore new themes and experiences; De la Bête cannot be won and does not support a gamist playstyle. At the same time it is a non-transparent game and requires all players to follow a script to a varying extent.

De la Bête is set in the 18th century in the French province of Gévaudan in the village of Morsange. Its stories are loosely set around the central theme of the Beast – a terrible creature that haunts the land. Not all the characters in our game will be part of the hunt for the Beast – but all of them will have a beast of their own to challenge, in one way or another.

The size and scope of the game allows us to explore many different stories and themes – like love, politics, religion, nobility, honour, crime, and the occult, to name just a few. Some characters are based more on relationship lines, some on intrigue or a significant element of action. Some story lines contain strong traces of horror; some resemble a spy thriller.


We are aware that there can be many differences between larp cultures and traditions in Europe. In the following tabs we will try to describe the playing style of our game to bring everyone on the same page; however, we are possibly not aware of all the problems which can arise. Please, if you have any questions or objections, don’t hesitate to ask us either on our email: or our FB page.