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“Alas! My poor money!  My poor money! My dear friend! They’ve taken you away; and since you’re gone, I’ve lost my comfort, my consolation, my joy; all’s over with me, life’s not worth living any more. Without you, it is impossible for me to exist. ‘Tis all over, I am done for; I die; I am dead; I am buried.”  

Misanthrope, Molière


There will be one run on 18-22 September 2019.


The game takes place at Valeč Castle and its grounds in Western Bohemia, a bit over an hour by car from Prague. The site should be reasonably accessible by car from many places in Germany, Austria and Poland. For the international run there will be a bus from Prague and back.


Apart from the actual game content and materials, we will also provide you with a full costume, all props and weapons and so on, as well as three meals a day and access to hot tea and water for the whole game. We will only ask you to bring a non-disturbing set of shoes, sleeping equipment and food utensils.


The basic price for the game will be 190 euros. A small portion of the price of the basic ticket will also be used to fund the discounted tickets for people who could not afford to go to the game otherwise.

If you want to support us, you can always contribute more. We won’t be giving out special packages for donors: we will direct all the money into our larp projects

There will also be an option to apply for subsidized tickets for anyone who could not afford to go to the game otherwise – students, unemployed people, people from countries with overall lower wages, etc. The price will be 90 euro. If you want to apply for a discount, the application process is open until the 8th of February 2019 – apply here.

Regardless of how much you pay, you will have the same game experience, casting options and so on. The price does differ from the Czech price, since it needs to cover the additional costs of translation, language-related personnel issues and transport. There will be no additional costs (apart from your travel of course) on top of it. For a small fee, we will be able to lend you some extra sleeping gear or a field bed, but you can easily bring your own or cope without it. The only other costs will be for whatever you buy at the game – there will be a castle café (ran by a very lovely local) and a tavern ran by the organizers.

If the price is prohibitive for you, we can try and work out an arrangement of giving you a discount for work (manual on site before and after the game, costume work, etc.).


The fee must be paid by the last day of the deadline. Any spots that are unpaid after the payment deadline will be cancelled and advertised to the waiting list players.

After the payment deadline, the cancellation fee is 10% of the ticket price. A month before the game or less, the cancellation fee rises to 50% of the ticket price. Two weeks before the game or less, the cancellation fee is 100% of the ticket price. If a paying replacement player is found for the cancelled spot, an amount higher than noted above can be returned – but only up to 90% of the ticket price; the 10% fee is always non-refundable. If the cancellation fee is 50%, you get any part of the replacement player’s payment that is above 50% of your original ticket price (only up to 90% of the paid ticket price). If the cancellation fee is 100%, you get the whole amount of the replacement player’s payment (only up to 90% of the paid ticket price).